What is JMT?

Through the FRMH1.0 consensus algorithm, JMT double-adjusts high computing power, has the ability to control the risk of rapid increase in computing power, and can resist the attack of quantum computers. At the same time, it greatly improves the security of the blockchain and shortens it. The time for the blockchain to reach a consensus has accelerated the transaction speed on the blockchain, expanded the application boundary of the blockchain, and fundamentally solved the trust and security issues.

White paper
Technical advantages
Platform model

    The task of jmt is to use blockchain to empower edge computing, create a secure decentralized network with the Internet of Everything, and use edge computing to distribute JMT tokens.

    JMT will promote the exchange, interaction and flow of IoT data assets with existing value attributes. Through contracts and allocations, new bit assets are generated. JMT combines blockchain, the most important underlying technology in the future, with edge computing, the most important social resource, and will surely release great commercial and social value. JMT's mission and vision are built on this. We have developed a series of application products based on blockchain and edge computing. Among them, the bottom layer is our JMT, and the early JMT = blockchain + edge computing.

Ecological scene
Intelligent hardware

It is composed of JMT's numerous edge computing hardware (smart IoT home products, mobile smart terminals, smart sharing devices, etc.) and a DAPP reward mechanism that applies blockchain technology. The ecology uses native digital assets based on blockchain technology as rewards, encourages users to use smart hardware to obtain rewards, and promotes the rapid implementation of edge computing applications in the Internet of Things.

About us

• Personnel structure of overseas foundations •

*Strategic Advisory Committee: It is served by a number of well-known enterprises and experts in the investment field, blockchain technology field, and Internet field, and provides strategic advice and resource funding support for the project.
*Council: The board of directors undertakes the decision-making function. Through regular board meetings convened and presided over by the chairman of the board, it reviews and approves major issues such as the foundation's strategic planning, rose annual plan, and budget.
*The Board of Supervisors: It is composed of representatives of community members, provides timely opinions and suggestions on project operations, supervises the promotion of major project events, and maintains the healthy and sound development of the community.

• Team introduction •